As some of you may know, my band THE CREEPY CREEPS just did a two day tour with living legend ROBERT PLANT!!! i normally would not post a story like this on here, but its just too gnarly not to share!! The first night we played at San Diego’s own Copely Symphony Hall!! we arrived and so did Robert at the same time, people were friggin animals trying to get to the guy!! it was pretty intense to say the least, we got in the elevator and proceeded to the basement with our gear! After getting settled we went up a saw the space! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! This room is LARGE and beautiful and what the fuck are we doing in here? Anxiety was surely building at this point in my mind. Will these people like us?? are we too hectic?? DID THEY CALL THE RIGHT GUYS? Well im gettin to that. Robert was doing sound check (which was super rad to see him interact with the band) and then he comes over too us! He introduced himself to us and we to him, and then began complimenting us on what we do and all of a sudden i wasnt nervous anymore! Robert Plant likes my band!!! we are here for him and it doesnt matter if the symphony digs it!  we had some grub and went and ROCKED THE FUCKING HOUSE!!! Robert and the band watched right on side stage the entire set!! People seemed to take it in , some booed,some chanted PLANT, but for the most part it was all applause! Then Robert Plant comes on stage! These guys are all such talented people it was a raging event they all shred so hard on their instruments and singing and well you know….ROCKSTARS!, At the end of his set he gave out the shoutout of a lifetime! “Thanks to the creepy creeps for keeping the spirit alive”!!!!!! We hung with him till around 1am and then took it to splitsville. Day two arrives and we are on our way to San Manuel casino, long ride into the INLAND EMPIRE. (THATS A WHOLE NUTHA STORY). We get to the gig and all of the staff were great and i walk into the show area and theres the band just jammin! Plant on drums! he sees me and gives me a wave! Budy Miller then comes up and takes me over to his guitars and lets me play em!! super insane rare italian guitars that he has had since he was a kid! Then my guitar named his Guitar!!(it’s a long story). Sound check, Dinner, here we go…..Well we start our set and its kind of funny everyone is diggin it but there are some serious BOOERS ! well we kick it in to CREEP fashion, and I ask the booers if ROBERT PLANT called them up inviting them to the show, no, i said, cause he invited me and my band to play SO SHUT THE FUCK UP! The place goes into pandemonium we turn the crowd and BLOW DOORS!!! Again Robert and the band are on side stage the whole set and THEY ARE DOING THE CREEP STOMP!!! We come off stage and Patty Griffin tells me that we are inspiring and it was great sticking it to em and turning em! “You did it”. WOW!  Then she asks Steff anf Tori to make her a guitar strap! Well, they go up and kill it! and at the end of his set he introduces his band as the CREEPY CREEP FAN CLUB and THEY ALL START DOING THE CREEP STOMP! They do the encore, and just when things couldn’t get any better.. Robert comes off stage and Cameron Crowe is standing right there and Robert says to Aaron “Hey this is Cameron, Aaron is in The Creepy Creeps, you should put them in one of your movies”! Camerons response “I LOVE THE CREEPY CREEPS” . I mean is this really happening right now? It was a completely surreal experience, and i feel as if we really are so lucky to have made these new friends! His crew are the best in the world!  Here are some shots!