Dave Warshaw is a veteran professional tattoo artist who’s been creating distinctive, one-of-a-kind skin-art for nearly two decades.

By day he illustrates some of the most original and insane tattoos and designs in the art-form. By night he breaks out the ballpoint pen and creates fantastical imagery over surfaces that would make most artists cry out in disbelief.

Warshaw’s philosophy of art is anchored by a 60’s sensibility of Creep-ology, monsters, ghouls, Car-Surf-Skate Pop-Culture Iconography, mixed with a fat dose of Tiki aesthetics, pop-punk, and jet-fuel.

Equally at home applying ink to your ribcage, or ballpoint pen lines to the surface of a skateboard deck, Warshaw exudes a confidence of line unsurpassed in mixed media. From the poetic intertwining of living thorny vines to the nectar-oozing flower at the end, Dave’s compositions are that of a virtuoso playing his favorite instrument.

For the past decade, Warshaw has been entrenched at one of the great tattoo shops in all of Southern California – AvalonTattoo II

Recently his off-hours focus has been of a more personal nature, the ballpoint pen-art which adorn the various wood-based canvasses viewable in the photo galleries.

Works shown here are available by contacting the artist. Commission work is also highly recommended